Monday, August 27, 2012

the red beret in Iceland: Part 1

19 August 2012

Flight:  Icelandair, Boston to Reykjavik
Arrival:  11:40 pm Reykjavik local time at Keflavik International Airport
               12:30 flybus to Reykjavik BSI station
               1:30 finally to Ágústa's home to (try) to sleep

20 August 2012 - the adventure begins

Þhingvellir National Park, Reykjavik

The Red Beret enjoying mountain scenery.

Apparently it was always illegal to burn women in Iceland, so during the witch scare, "witches" were drowned here instead.

Volcanic rock.

All the silver shining through the water is money that has been thrown in.  Make a wish.

Volcanic rock that dried from the top first, so the molten under-layer made it form wrinkles as it hardened.

Summer House

but really, just a place that you live...where you don't live most of the time.  not necessarily just in the summer.

Apparently it's common to have a window in the summer house that faces the volcano, if there is one in viewing distance.  The closer you are to the volcano, the bigger your window.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

hit the ground running

Hello!  I'm Mary, wearer of the Red Beret.  This is just going to be a quick introduction, since I'm currently taking advantage of Boston Logan's free WiFi and I have to be at my gate in 10 minutes.  I'm on my way to Reykjavik, Iceland, my first of two stops on my way to study in Berlin, Germany.  This will be a travel blog, documenting a yearlong adventure with stops in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and a few more along the way.
Join me and my red beret as we hit the ground running.