Sunday, November 25, 2012

the red beret in Germany: Weimar

September 2012

A trip to Weimar, another city in Thüringen and the heart of the Weimar Republic, Germany's first attempt at a democratic government.  There's a lot of history, but not much else.  We also visited the ex-concentration camp Buchenwald, which is about a 30-minute drive from central Weimar.  I didn't take any photos there, you can reference a post on my other blog if you want to get a feel for a concentration camp.  (The other one was in Belgium, but you get the same feeling no matter what camp you visit).

Bach rockin' the Red Beret in Weimar.

Festivities in front of the opera house.

Goethe and Schiller are all dressed for the occasion!

Goethe's house

BAUHAUS, School of Architecture

Soviet cemetary

Center-town Weimar on a Sunday afternoon.

the red beret in Germany: Erfurt

September 2012

Erfurt is the capital of Thüringen, a province in Germany (famous for their bratwurst).  It was hardly touched during the Second World War, so much of the architecture is very traditional German.  It was also part of East Germany and some remnants of the GDR days can still be found.  I don't have many pictures, unfortunately, but it was a sweet little town.  A friend and I liked it so much that we went back during fall break.

The Red Beret posing with "Bread," a character from a popular GDR children's program.  Six other characters from this show are scattered all around Erfurt.

The richest hot chocolate ever tasted, and a lavendar praline.