Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the red beret in Denmark: Part 1

the red beret and I at the North Sea

23 August 2012
Castle Day

Frederiksborg Castle 


Castle grounds




with my lovely hosts!

the gardens



Kronborg Castle (Elsinore) 


Sweden across the sound.

The North Sea





24 August 2012
Odense and around 






Hans Christian Andersen's house 



Hans himself

one of Andersen's paper cuttings and Andy Warhol's interpretation

Monday, September 3, 2012

the red beret in Iceland: Part 2

21 August 2012 - back on the road

Icelandic horses!

Geysir Park

Geysir Park

Little Geysir

Geysir.  As in, THE geyser, after which all others are named.

hot hot hot

after erupting
...and on the road again, for a bit.



Ágústa makes a guest appearance in the Red Beret.
And Júlía too!

A glacier, as seen from Gullfoss.


The Hallgrímskirkja church, with a statue of Leif Eriksson in front.

22 August 2012 - a reluctant goodbye to Iceland, but with promise to return.