Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the red beret translates

Exciting things have been happening!  Amidst my crazy three-job every day work schedule, I was asked to translate at a wedding!  The two grooms live in Germany, but one is French and one is American...so they came to the US to get married!  Most of the French family didn't come for this ceremony (they'll be having another celebration in France next month), but the direct family did make the trip.  But those who spoke any English didn't speak enough to act as translator...which is where I came in.  I didn't translate during the ceremony (except in a lowered voice to the French groom's parents to avoid being too disruptive), so most of my work was during dinner (which was AMAZING) and during the reception.

It was such a pleasure, and an honor, to be part of such a celebration.

(And if you're curious, this is the lovely location of the ceremony and reception)

John Joseph Inn & Elizabeth Restaurant

In other exciting news, I bought a tent for future backpacking adventures!

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